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Miles Garrett Wines is a small family run winery producing our own grapes and olives.

We try to make wines that represent the land and the unique micro climate of Humboldt County and the Willow Creek AVA (American Viticultural Area).

We dry farm our CCOF certified organic grapes (no irrigation), cultivate cover crops in the winter and allow our farm animals into the vineyard at certain times to graze. Once the grapes are in the winery, we practice natural winemaking, which means minimal intervention. We let fermentation take place with naturally occurring yeasts, we never add sulfites or any other additives through the process.

We raise our wine in aged french oak barrels or stainless steel, and bottle unfiltered.

Our team is made up of family, friends, employees and volunteers.

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Willow Creek AVA was stablished in 1983 as one of the first in The United States. It is defined geographically by a section of the Trinity River Valley under 1000 feet elevation and running from just up river from Salyer at Coon Creek, extending a short distance down river from the town of Willow Creek to Kirkham Creek, making it the most northern wine region in California. 

The AVA distinction was given to Willow Creek based on its unique Micro Climate, soil structure, marine influence and unique geographic features that affect wine grape growing. The term for the sum total of all factors influencing wine flavors and character is terroir. So when someone someone drinks a wine from grapes grown in the Willlow Creek AVA they taste the terroir, the uniqueness of Willow Creek.

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